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Year 9 Reg Time Reading Returns

On Monday 26th November, whole- class registration reading time was rolled out to 9LF, following a request from their form tutor, Mr French (teacher of PE). This additional reading initiative will be launched officially by the Head of Year 9, Mr Francis, during assembly on Thursday.

Each year, for optimal reading progress, a student’s vocabulary needs to increase by 2,000-3,000 words. Although, one of the most efficient methods of vocabulary acquisition is through independent reading, the new form group system, will provide Year 9 form tutors with an opportunity to become key players in developing their form group’s reading progression. They can have a massive influence in demonstrating that reading for enjoyment can be a super source of entertainment, and, that reading isn’t just about reading to learn.

Under the guidance of their form tutors, Year 9 students will read a great mix of humorous, spine-chilling and thought-provoking book titles.


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