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Tales from the Library – NSW 2018

During the course of National Storytelling Week (27th January-3rd February), KS3 students were given additional opportunities to express themselves creatively, through a variety of storytelling events, in the library.

End of Story

Monday – Wednesday: After listening purely to the beginning and middle of an unusual tale, some very intrigued Year 7 students put pen to paper, to create their own version of the ending of the short story, before the telling of tales resumed.

Student comment:  Nathan, ‘The story we were told was good, and I was glad we were eventually told the real ending, because I was curious. But, it was interesting to listen to the different versions everyone made up.’

Harry Potter Book Night Party

Thursday: To celebrate Harry Potter Book Night, the school’s Pottersmore Book Club invited the Year 7 and 8 students to attend the Harry Potter Book Night/Fantastic Beasts party, in the library. The main event, the HP brainteaser quiz was won by the witches and wizards of Hufflepuff house. Congratulations to them for flying high to victory, their team were the most magical chasers, keepers, beaters and seekers, and each one a worthy winner of a copy of the first book in the Harry Potter series, The Philosopher’s Stone.

Student comment: Catherine, ‘The event was lots of fun and the prizes were really good.’

Surreal Adventure

Friday: Year 7 and 8 students’ surreal adventure began with art works created by some of the most famous surrealist artists; Salvador Dali, Frida Karlo and Merit Oppenheim. The images really helped unlock the students’ imaginations, as a result, they were able to produce far-fetched creations, which included an assortment of characters, trying to endure, escape or enjoy dreamlike situations or landscapes. Many thanks to the Duke of Edinburgh library volunteers, for leading the event, and supporting the younger students.

Student comment: ‘Mark, ‘I hadn’t heard of surrealism before, I really enjoyed making up a story using the images. The stories we made up were fantastic!’ Year 10 DoE library volunteers, ‘We were so impressed by the group’s creative and imaginative skills!’



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