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Students celebrate contemporary fiction and classics on World Book Day

On World Book Day, Year 7 and Year 9 students participated in a number of activities in the library, to celebrate books and reading.

On arrival, the Year 7 students were greeted by Gangsta Granny, before being thoroughly entertained by the Year 12 Drama artistes. Their spoof rendition of a 21st century tabloid talk show, about the ‘human condition’, which featured the two main characters from the 19th century novel ‘Frankenstein’, by Mary Shelly, was well received.

Audience participation, a key element of the live show allowed the Year 7s to decide ‘who the REAL monster was’. The pendulum of truth swung firmly in favour of the monster. The majority found his account of the dreadful pain and suffering he experienced through rejection and isolation, and the appalling ill treatment and inexcusable neglect the perpetrator, Dr Frankenstein had inflicted upon him, very conclusive. Few were persuaded by the soulless Dr Victor Frankenstein’s Machiavellian version of events.

Year 9 students turned book detectives during the activity, Lost the Plot, and book critics through Talking Books. The main objectives of the activities were to correctly identify book titles (contemporary fiction and classics), and the main characters, before locating the corresponding plot, and then rate the plot, main characters and book overall, based on the two key elements.

Special thanks to the academy’s resident actors Connor, Megan and Amber, and film editor Chelsea, for making this World Book Day event so memorable.

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