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Stories spellbind students

On Wednesday 30th January, as part of the academy’s celebrations of National Storytelling week, a group of KS3 students attended Katherine Webber’s by invitation only author event, at QMHS.

Katherine’s talk and tales overturned all expectations. Her witticisms and wisdom about her own fascinating real life story was truly inspirational. Katherine left no stone unturned on the highs and lows of her writing career; some of her powerful messages to the students were for them to have self-believe for their passions in life, and not be ashamed of them, to be brave enough to step up and make their ideas known to others, and to bounce back from rejection. The Q & A session about the very well written storylines in her books, that zoom right in on the highlights and hang ups of teenage life, and how Katherine composed her books on a series of questions, answers, and BIG what if scenarios, captivated her audience.

Student Comments: Erin Porter, ‘Katherine has given me some great ideas about how to improve my writing, and also made me realise that I shouldn’t fear rejection, before I become successful.’ Emily Venables, ‘ I have learned that I should never feel ashamed of my passions in life, and that innovation is worth risking.’ Tyler Williams, ‘The useful messages for me were; to not allow yourself, to not be yourself, and to never give up.’ 

The upshot of the author event: attendees have captured their thoughts, passions, creations and experiences in a presentation, which they will share with the academy’s wider community, in the near future.

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