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The Pool Hayes Ethic

The Pool Hayes Ethic – RAPS

Having talked to the student councils, the teachers and the governors of our academy we have agreed our Pool Hayes Ethic.

The Pool Hayes Ethic consists of four qualities that we want everyone in the academy to prioritise and work towards improving throughout their time here.


We are committed to ensuring that every member of the school community takes on and fulfils their responsibilites to one another.

Students have a responsibility to learn; to support and encourage others; to engage positively in the standards and expectations of the academy; and to make sure that they achieve all they can.

Staff and governors have the responsibility that they do everything they can to help students to be successful; to create a climate that maximises potential; and to communicate with parents and colleagues to help them to support every child.

Parents have the responsibility to provide a home life that supports their child’s success at our academy; to take an active role in their child’s education; and to support the academy’s standards on a daily basis.


We are committed to ensuring that every member our community is encouraged and motivated to aspire for great things in their life and that they are actively supported in taking the necessary steps to fulfil their dreams and ambitions.

Every member of our community is expected seek out and set themselves clear developmental objectives; to identify specific areas to improve on; and to actively pursue them. Students, staff, governors and parents have a duty to support, inform and respect the development and growth of others.


We are committed to ensuring that every member of our community faces up to the challenges and difficulties of life and never give up or take the easy option.

Every member of our community is expected to demonstrate a resolve and determination to overcome the obstacles and barriers they face; whether it be in their learning or exams, in dealing with confrontation or disagreement; or in taking on and enjoying every opportunity that comes their way.


We are committed to ensuring that every member of our community succeeds in delivering the best that they possible can in every challenge that they face.

Every member of our community is expected to pursue success with vigour and determination; to ensure that they cross the line on every occasion with pride and commitment; and to celebrate their own successes and those of others.

Where will I see the RAPS?

The RAPS (Responsibility – Aspiration – Perseverance – Success) will be highly visible throughout the academy.

You will see them writ large in the reception area and you will see them referred to through a series of famous quotations all around the site.

You will see them as a key part of your tutor time as you will do presentations about them and they will be constantly referred to in assemblies.

You will see them on display in every classroom and be referred to at Parents’ Evenings and other parental meetings.

Responsibility – Aspiration – Perseverance – Success

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