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Science Week Workshops 2018

British Science Week 2018 Workshops.

On Friday 23rd March over 70 pupils from year 7, 8 and 9 were invited to take part in British Science Week workshops with Mr Bickley from ATT, the pupils who took part were nominated by their class teachers as a reward based on their efforts, achievement and scientific skills shown in lessons this year.

Year 7 were involved in a workshop linked to Isaac Newton and his laws of motion, and were really excited to find out things like hot air balloons and aeroplanes fly through a range of fun experiments, all pupils were really enthusiastic about the workshop and loved being involved in the experiments and discussions that followed.

Year 8 and 9 were involved in a workshop involving many everyday items, experiments included finding out why eggs are so strong, how nappies work (using a demonstration that involved tipping a glass of water over a pupil without getting them wet at all) and how to make a fire extinguisher. Pupils again got fully involved in the experiments taking place and really enjoyed the session.

Thanks to Mr Bickley from ATT for his time and to all pupils involved for showing how great our pupils are.

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