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A wheelie good event

On Tuesday 17th September, we welcomed the RAF Specialised Engagement Team into school to work with some of our Y9 and Y10 students with STEM Personal Development Training. Students were placed into 4 groups and set a challenge of using the items from their holdall to build a functioning wheelbarrow in 20 minutes. Once completed the student nominated by their team had to take their completed design to RAF personnel where the completed prototypes were going to prove that they worked. The wheelbarrow, which had to carry the holdall bag of spare equipment, had to negotiate a set course in the fastest time. Our students immediately set to work with ideas and suggestions being shared by all members within the group.

Some of the wheelbarrows proved really sturdy and fit for purpose making it around the course in one piece, while others lost their loads and had to be physically carried or dragged to the finish line with much hilarity from those watching. Our students proved very competitive and took great delight in trying to gain the fastest time around the course, which was 9 seconds. Congratulations to all those who took part on the day, their team spirit and enthusiasm was a joy to watch. Although there were some very innovative designs being produced throughout the day, there was nothing The Walsall Wheelbarrow Co Ltd should be worrying about at this stage. However who is to say what these young engineers might produce in the future.

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