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Pool Hayes Rising Talent

Congratulations to Lucy Preece and Elle Kirk on winning the first Pool Hayes Rising Talent contest performed in an evening of entertainment on Thursday 25th October.

There was so much talent on show in a night where 18 acts full of variety performed to be crowned overall winners.  Lucy and Elle had to battle through auditions against 30 other acts to perform in live final in front of awestruck audience members, who had the opportunity to mark each act out of 5, resulting in Lucy and Elle receiving nearly 600 marks and becoming Champions.  I am so pleased that the night was a huge success showing off the incredible talent we have here at Pool Hayes Academy from all year groups 7-13 and the variety of acts we had perform throughout the evening, from Dance, to singing, to acting, to stand-up comedy, all of which added to a brilliant evening of entertainment.  I also want to congratulate Elisia Raybould for coming 2nd by singing a song from the musical ‘The Waitress’ – ‘She Used to be Mine’ and the year 13 dancers including Miss Williams for coming 3rd with a stunning African Dance.  I also want to take the opportunity to congratulate my year 13 Drama class, Megan Kelly, Amber Whitehouse, Connor Higgs and Elisia Raybould for creating and organising such a well run and inspiring event.

Mr. Monksfield – A very proud Head of Drama

Our winners Lucy and Elle said, “We are so shocked and over the moon that we have won the talent show after we have seen so many amazing acts. We did it for fun because it is our passion, we never expected to win! When we were first told, we were completely stunned by what had been said; we truly cannot believe it!”

The year 13 Drama class said, “This has been a magnificent experience for all four of us.  We never thought that a simple variety show that we planned in a drama lesson could uncover so much talent within Pool Hayes.  We are very proud of the winners Lucy and Elle, it was well deserved and we are glad that their talent has been recognised by so many people.”


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