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Forensic Psychology

Thursday also saw some of our Y12 students have a talk on Forensic Psychology. Gursharan from Newcastle University a graduate in Psychology gave us a fascinating insight into the world of psychology. Forensic psychologists are often used to assess someone’s mental state to decide whether they are responsible for their actions. Many work with the police with criminal profiling, appearing in court as part of the defence or prosecution or with individual prisoners within the prison system. Students were also shown video clips to see how we react when a violent incident takes place. What does our brain record and what do we think we have seen. During the one incident, we failed to pick out the culprit and got the weapon wrong all because we focussed on the incident itself and not on the person who was committing the assault. Another clip was used to test our ability to see what is in front of us. There were 21 changes within the clip, the best score from the group was 3.

Students were also given an evidence pack and had to study the evidence, along with the video clip of an interview using which used open questioning and then to try to decide whether our suspect committed the crime.

Students and staff became engrossed in this fascinating subject we cannot wait to invite Gursharan back so we can delve further into the world of Forensic Psychology.


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