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Fibbersley Park Academy visit our Science Department

Year 6 pupils get lab experience in preparation for Key Stage 3.

On Tuesday 9th July, 60 year 6 pupils from Fibbersley Park Academy  visited the Pool Hayes Science department,  The aim of the morning was to provide pupils with a fun and engaging experience of working in a secondary science lab in preparation for their move to key stage 3 in September. The pupils used m & m’s to explain how substances diffuse, attempted to make fizzy rainbows in test tubes with acids and alkalis and investigated how different chemicals can have different coloured flames using flame tests. The morning came to an explosive end when pupils saw a Woosh bottle demonstration, and were given the chance to make fireballs, one of the    Fibbersley Park staff was also brave enough to hold a fireball in their hands.  It was a fantastic morning and was a pleasure to work with the Fibbersley Park staff and pupils who showed off their amazing science skills and seemed to enjoy their reward. The pupils all enjoyed the morning and many were inspired to go away and try some of the less dangerous experiments at home to show their parents. Exciting plans are already being formed to work with Fibbersley Park Academy again in the new School Year, we also look forward to making more links and working with schools in the local area in the future.

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