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Barclays Life Skills

As part of our Careers programme we invite different people into school to offer advice to our students on how best to present themselves either when attending an interview or within the workplace. Tuesday 30th January was one such session which involved our Y9 and Y12 students. Here they looked how to appear more confident and display positive body language, they also looked at how their use of language would be different when talking to friends or with work colleagues. Small things that many of us do every day without thinking but a scary thing when you have to do it for the first time. Students were also asked to think about the challenges they might face throughout their lives and how they might go about addressing these. Many focussed on getting a good education others focussed more on family life.

We look forward to more Life Skills sessions over the next few months.

Pupil comments: “I hadn’t really thought about what or how I say things might alter when I am in a work situation. I will be more conscious of this in the future”

“I liked the interview tips on how to make a positive impression”

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