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Art Exhibition

Y12 and 13 Art students exhibited their work in the art department library for the final outcome of their unit 12 project brief. The work showcased is world class and speaks volumes about the student’s hard work and dedication to the subject. The brief entailed pupils researching and responding to Birmingham Library, our school library and art department library. Their end goal was to produce an interactive container based on an artist monologue book they selected from the library. The last part of their brief is to write an artist statement based on others engagement with their work. Thank you to all of you who engaged with the work and left comments and questions for our talented pupils.

“I was really amazed at the talent this year, I was especially impressed by the ability and skills of the drawing and painting. I was also impressed by the prosthetics and the 3D work created by my fellow students” ~ Leonie Westley

Lower School response:

“Nice splash of colours and imagination, very nice how there’s no outlines”

“Such confidence and wit! Just like Sarah Lucas”

“Cool, looks professional and has a lot of detail”

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