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Our Academy Ethos

Our academy ethos is displayed all around the school and is known as the RAPS. It stands for Responsibility – Aspiration – Perseverance – Success and these are the qualities that we seek to instil in your child throughout their time at our school and when they go out into the wider world.

You will see these ethic words at school events and we would ask to you talk them through with your child and make them part of your conversations with your child when you discuss their progress at school.

Positive Discipline:

The school expects all students to fulfil the expectations laid down in the School Behaviour Policy and via your child’s Student Planner.

This Positive Discipline (PD) system looks to combine rewards and sanctions so that students are incentivised to behave respectfully to all of those around them.

We rely on your support in what we do and ask you to accept that we have to set a high bar when we are managing 1,000+ students. We cannot have one rule for one, and another rule for another student. We accept that we do not always get it right, but we ask you to accept that we do get it right on the vast majority of occasions.