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A taste of University life

On Wednesday 10th April we welcomed representatives from Oxford and Cambridge Universities into school to talk to our Y10 students about life as a student at a top class university. Some of our students seemed a little bemused thinking that how could someone from Willenhall possibly go to Oxford or Cambridge. How wrong they were- they learned that as long as they can achieve the grades anyone can apply for a place. It’s all about mind-set and if students have the drive and ability to achieve the entry requirements they could consider Oxford or Cambridge as a potential university choice.

Students learned about how the university is made up smaller colleges making it feel more like a big family than being one of many as in other universities. Lectures and tutorials may differ in that for some subjects group sizes are much smaller and therefore students get more contact with their tutors. Students were also told that the university can often help out with bursaries and grants often paying for students to go abroad.

One comment from a past Oxbridge student said “I know what you may think Oxbridge and its students may be like, but I assure you, there is no Oxbridge ‘type’, she says. “Anyone from anywhere can and does study at Oxbridge. Behind all the pretty buildings and seemingly weird traditions are students who really do just love their subjects.”

One of our students commented “ I hadn’t really considered going to university – but I am now”

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