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A-Level student heads for a life in America

My name is Joe Reynolds, over the past week I had the opportunity to travel with a football squad to Charlotte, North Carolina. Over the week we played against multiple American colleges, with players from both America and Europe. In my squad, (ages 16-18) we had players from England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Croatia. Our schedule during the week was strict, compact, and busy, acting as a simulation to what we are soon going to be living in the college student life.

Waking up at 6:30 in the morning for an early breakfast and then heading off to training at 8:00. Our training sessions were around 2 hours, and the days that we did not have training, we would have a game. We played against 5 teams: Queens University, Appalachian State, Charlotte Soccer Academy, University of Charlotte, and the University of Greensboro.

The experience was absolutely breath taking, and I am extremely excited to be gaining a scholarship in America after I finish my A-levels. I will be going when I am 18, and returning after 4 years, whilst I study artificial intelligence as a degree. Therefore; if for any reason my football career does not go as planned, I have a strong educational background to fall back on.  This experience has been supported by Pool Hayes sixth form and I have been encouraged to take every opportunity I am given whilst studying my A levels here. It has confirmed my ambition to move to America to study and hopefully continue my career aspirations within the football world.

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