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A Bridge too far


On Thursday 14th November, we welcomed the RAF Specialised Engagement Team into school to work with some of our Y8 and Y9 students with STEM Personal Development Training. Students were placed into 2 groups each with a set task, group 2 were set a challenge of constructing a bridge with ramp ends to span the river to allow group 1 who had to build a four wheel vehicle and then to transport  their equipment across the bridge. They had a total of 30 minutes to work together to build their given project. Each group had a selection of parts, which they could use. Our students immediately set to work with ideas and suggestions being shared by all members within the group.

Congratulations to all those who took part on the day, their team spirit and enthusiasm was a joy to watch. There were some very innovative designs being produced throughout the day. However who is to say what these young engineers might produce in the future.

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