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24 hours in A&E

Today Thursday 17th October saw 90 of our Y7 and Y9 students engage with Gursharan from Newcastle University in a session called 24 hours in A&E. Students had to follow in the footsteps of a doctor working a shift in Accident and Emergency to see what a typical day looked like. Our students were asked if they had ever been to A&E and why they had attended.  There were a variety of responses from broken bones, high temperatures, sprained limbs, etc. There were a few groans when one student mentioned that they had dislocated their shoulder and the doctor ‘had popped it back in’.

First they looked at some of the different specialists who are attached to the A&E dept., these could be nurses, doctors, Neurologists, Anaesthetists, Radiologists, Paediatricians to name but a few. Students were shown various scenarios regarding injuries. These ranged from a broken hand, head injury, chicken pox, meningitis, abdominal pain, asthma attack, nosebleeds, blisters, strokes, cardiac arrest and road traffic accidents.

Students were given a brief outline of the patients symptoms and then had to either give their own ideas or choose from suggested treatments for each patient. Our students were really quite knowledgeable and were eager to give their responses. Students also learned that not everyone who goes to A&E had a medical emergency for example the person who visited with blisters these were caused by his new shoes.

Our thanks go to our students and to Gursharan for a brilliant activity.

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